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Community Impact


From 2017 the school started to give scholarship to 10 best performer students from poor families in the area where the school is, on the partnership with Korean Churches and families support,

The school has good collaboration with Local government institution, which help the school to select best performers from National exams who are unable to get school fees due to poverty (Kinyinya sector).

The school takes care of these students in terms of helping them to study and make practices from the school computers, library books, and internet use, especially after normal time of studying like weekend days and vacation period.

This helped these students to pass very well National exams with good grades than ever. Where we had for our very first time, 19 students who got 60/60 in National exam of 2022 in all school trade and more thatn 40 students with 50 and above, this helped them to get government scholarship to study University. A great impact in the lives of these vulnerable students.